E-Coating Units and Assemblies with Mixed Metals Construction

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Originally Aired - Thursday, April 21 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

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Location: Celebration

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Title: E-Coating Units and Assemblies with Mixed Metals Construction


Challenges of E-coating of mixed metals units and assemblies, Mixed metals design considerations for e-coat, Critical E-coat process parameters for uniform coating thickness on mixed metals, Issues and troubleshooting during the e-coating of mixed metals units and assemblies. 


E-Coating units and assemblies with mixed metals construction pose a unique challenge compared to single metal processing. Heat exchanger made of aluminum, copper and stainless steel metals is an example of such a unit. In this work, mixed metals design considerations and critical E-coat process parameters (e.g., racking, voltage, and dwell time) for effective and uniform coating thickness are discussed. In addition, typical issues and troubleshooting of those issues during the e-coating process are discussed.

Type: Learning Station V: End User Perspectives