Finishing Beyond the System

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Originally Aired - Thursday, April 21 1:50 PM - 2:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

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Location: Harmony

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Title: Finishing Beyond the System


Attendees will learn about special hook designs developed to solve common problems encountered on E-Coat lines including: grounding, part control, drainage, and parts without holes.  Optimum parts racking solutions, and efficient parts handling, will also be discussed.       


This session will cover Return On Investment when utilizing well designed parts racking, followed by detailed analysis of the following three (3) areas all relative to ECoat lines:

Problem Parts - Specialized Hook Solutions

  1. Grounding.
  2. Part Control.
  3. Minimum to zero blemish.
  4. Drainage.
  5. Parts without holes.
  6. Masking while maintaining ground.

Optimum Parts Racking Solutions

  1. Calculating the maximum rack width.
  2. Rack designs for E-Coat. 
  3. Missing hooks?
  4. What racking materials should I use?

Efficient Parts Handling     

  1. Multiple stations.
  2. Increase line speed.
  3. Staging.
  4. Detachable.

Type: Learning Station IV: Equipment / Material Handling Considerations